What does THRIVING mean Post-Covid?

The world paused. Many of us took an obligatory time-out. What did this do for us? It gave us possible new perspectives that we had not taken the time to consider before, while we were busy making plans to comply with the ‘way things were’. Not anymore. The New Earth is upon us. What will you create now?

As an efficiency and thriving in LOVE coach who became a MINIMALIST, my ultimate goal is to assist you to spend less time doing chores, working for someone else and more time outdoors doing what you love while cutting costs and being your best HEALTHY Self, for your home and body ! Reducing stress and anxiety is goal number one.

If you are unsure, unclear, anxious and desire to be your most authentic SELF, I offer different approaches to your JOY within. As an EMPATH, and a coach and guide for the last 40 years, there isn’t much I haven’t witnessed and I learned by putting myself out there first. For example, I have healed bodily health issues, mental health issues, emotional issues which gives me the best experiences to learn from to help others.

Choose your approach below from my list of offerings to breakthrough to your most joyous and Abundant Self !
I offer a series with each approach in order to truly garner CHANGE, that sticks ! It could be through exercise or food or sound.

Approaches to more JOY in your life that I use:

HOME: Organize office, kitchen to more efficient and clutter free, learn new healthy & fast recipes for increasing your vitality and energy

BODY: MAUI Retreats, Food and Nutrition coaching, Outdoor Adventure Guide

MIND, EMOTIONS: Coaching Series : The Genius Within

KIDZ BIZ: Kids and Youth Business 101; start your own “lemonade stand”, write a business plan, sell your genius and pay for more education towards achieving your goals

AUNTY-AT-LARGE for Hire: * NEW SERVICE * Are you a single mom or a family that would like to have an organizer who; comes to your home, makes food and saves you time by doing what needs doing that is repetitive and you’d love some help? Daily, weekly, monthly.

Recent Testimonials

Monthly FOOD Program CLIENTS

From a 2 mo. client: C.K. came to me to SIMPLIFY her eating habits.

“I am now having FUN in the kitchen making FOOD without recipes where in the past I complicated things and used really long recipes and gave up and my health suffered. Laurel has simplified healthy eating and it is now fun and easy”.

From a 1 month client: HJ came to me to lose weight and to increase vitality and energy while learning new recipes that SIMPLIFIED being in the kitchen.

“I have lost weight and I have a larger array of recipes and foods to choose from now that are delicious, healthy and I feel good.”

I look forward to meeting with you for an easy and graceful and healthful life solution.