Kidz business 101 class: Learn about our New Earth economy and what makes it tick. Create a business plan for your own idea. Learn how to get a product to market. We have ‘grants’ to get you started.


Some business ideas for kidz:

What is the one thing that every person needs each day? FOOD. What does that need and involve? We like to focus on what’s the biggest need out there. FOOD SECURITY and ENERGY.

Kidz dive in to these subjects, that include all the elements and provide over a 1,000 ways to start a business. From water, to air, soils, which could mean building (engineers), growing (chemists, scientists and farmers), providing a service (getting food to the people via donation or market), or creating a food product like the example found at the bottom of this page, by a young woman in Canada, and so much more.

Grow your own TOWER GARDEN; with AIR !

. . .and sell them to your neighbors and friends, providing FOOD SECURITY and a healthy bank account, all on your own. Here’s an example of WHY ?!

Learn how to SPROUT; the most alive food there is !

Planting Trees

Make your own food product; this young woman is killing it !

These ingredients are some of the best I’ve ever seen, due to the Rejuvelac, fermentation process of most ingredients !!
Her creative packaging is genius ! she kept the costs down by keeping the package all one piece yet look how it showcases on the shelf ! and….this business owner is a woman and she received grant money from the government for her business start-up because there is a lot of funding out there for females ! you can too ! I’ll show you how.

Hey kidz, did you know ?

  • You have untapped GENIUS inside of you ?
  • Did you know that you could do something as ‘genius’ as Albert Einstein or one of our past great u.s. presidents’, Benjamin Franklin? Would you like to know how you can?
  • Did you know that there is 1 word that every ‘genius’ and ‘pioneer’ in history, have in common? CREATIVE. Creativity is something that comes from within, not from learning something from outside of you.
  • Did you know that there are people who can see the GENIUS within you and help to bring it out?
  • That you can make more money than most people on your block due to your genius
  • Did you know that the more SIMPLE something is, it’s called GENIUS. Ha, what does that tell you about what and how we learn
  • Did you know that probably 50% of what you’ve learned is false and untrue? Did you check your own inner guidance or just accept something as TRUTH?
  • Did you know that you’ll find your genius within and activate it better when you’re in a group, and not by yourself ?
  • Did you know that you are GREAT, no matter WHO tells you otherwise? I’ll prove it !!! would you like less self-doubt and more self-confidence ? I guarantee you that will happen once you go through this course with us.

If you liked any of these questions and answered at least half of them, knowing, the answer, then you’re on the right track !

What you will get :

A roadmap to your own desired goal(s) that you will know and determine what they are with us. Then we guide you to a plan to begin your enterprise; whether it’s a food product or a service that you love and are good at.

Email us with your passionate idea to help the planet and your family, while building your own enterprise.