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June 19, 2019

What is a ketone?

Ketones are alternative fuels for the body when its cells are low on glucose (sugar) for a prolonged period of time; this mechanism originally evolved to help humans cope with long periods without food. When body cells are low on sugar (in diabetes, usually as a result of lack of insulin, the “key” needed for sugar to enter cells), the body releases fat stored in fat cells; the fat then travels to the liver, where it is broken down into ketones, which are used as fuel instead of glucose. This is usually not problematic. Having too many ketones in the blood is called ketosis, and it’s common to be in a low-level state of ketosis when waking up in the morning, as the body was “fasting” during the night.

Because ketosis is the result of fat breakdown, a popular weight loss method is the ketogenic (keto) diet, which uses specific foods low in carbs – and thus, low in sugar – to move the body toward burning fat for energy.

The risk with ketones, however, is that too many in the blood makes it acidic, leading to DKA. Diabetic keto acidosis. To be clear, eating a low-carb or ketogenic diet does usually increase ketone levels, but generally does not cause DKA; rather, if insulin levels are too low, thus restricting cells from taking in glucose, ketone levels climb and DKA may develop.
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June 20, 2019…..Laurel started her first ketogenic dietary experience about 7 weeks ago. She has been a nutrition and cleansing health consultant for decades, and not once was interested in the ‘keto’ diet. Until now.

keto ladies and I on hike for our daily exercise

What is it ? This nutritional KETOSIS...
The man responsible for my turnaround is my fitness client who didn’t need my food assist but fitness as he had already lost over 50 lbs on a strict carnivore keto – low carb diet. This was 7 weeks ago when I flew back to the U.S. after being in Mexico all winter, assisting clients with healthy eating and volunteering at an orphanage at the border of Guatemala.

I am always interested in food and health so I watched for a week at M’s dietary habits and what went in. I was intrigued as he also began educating me via videos from doctors and the real science behind what’s going on.

To put it simply; when in ketosis the body is using ‘stored fat’ instead of carbohydrates for energy. Whoo-hooo. I thought. Once I learned that we are born with a finite number of FAT CELLS and that I may still have buried issues and emotions in those cells that haven’t been touched for decades, well, I embarked upon my keto diet, with trepidation.

M. kept me on track by taking our blood each day to see where our glucose level was at and our ketones. He also shared with me a free app for my phone that I could track my food with. I was never one to measure my food, being the artist in the kitchen that I am. So I reluctantly started entering every food and lo and behold I became fascinated with what showed up. Now I’m addicted to the info so I’m religious in putting it in. WHY? Because it makes the difference between staying in KETOSIS or not. Burning fat instead of glucose.

I have lost 7 lbs of stored fat in 7 weeks. YAHOO !!! I have simplified my foods and created recipes that keep me in the right ratios without getting hungry and being satiated at meals. That took a bit of experimenting but it works now. Join me and I’ll teach you how you can do this too. It’s not necessarily a lifestyle but an eye opener to your own body and its functions. More importantly, losing stored E-MOTIONS from deep within from years ago, free you up tremendously. I feel lighter and more LOVE and I am now receiving more, in every way. Aaaaah. Who knew it would be such a spiritual experience too….Join our FACEBOOK PAGE for all the daily updates here.

July 31 2019 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After two months I was done. I also released OLD OLD OLD stuff, like FAT, and all the OLD emotions that were stuck in there, from years ago. I’ve tried to do this with all kinds of cleanses, but nothing came close to these kinds of results.

Interestingly, my life changed and became more abundant, easy and graceful. I became more ME. WOW. What is that saying? I have been the mad detoxifier, cleansing entity for decades. Trying all the ways so I could THRIVE in this toxic world.

I never expected to ‘GO KETO’ but it showed up and since I’m on this Journey of following the messages of my very specific intentions, I jumped in. It sure dovetails with where humanity seems to be at too. Waking up into deeper realms and releasing what has been in the ‘shadows’. Going ‘keto’ actually decalcifies the pineal gland too. There is much written online about WHY and how it stops our being able to listen to the ‘DIVINE’ within.

I have transitioned back to a ‘lower carb’ diet now. I had to take exogenous ketones while I re-introduced my body to something other than lots of FAT and little carbs. I learned so much about my food going in during my ‘going keto’ process by using food apps that count calories and ratios. I resisted these for years but now I can see how helpful it is to be this aware of what I put in my mouth daily.

Now I’m back on less calories daily and making my favorite food; fruits and veggies and salads and quinoa. I am no longer eating my favorite rye bread even. That was all I ate if I ate bread at all. Now I make my own coconut/almond flour tortillas. I have only found one recipe online worth following here.

I am losing weight now and the sagging skin is tightening up. Phew !!! I didn’t like how that looked at all. I lost so much fat, the skin sagged with nothing to plump it up with. That’s ok. I knew this part would pass too. It is totally worth it to be without the extra deep fat that I didn’t know was there until it was gone.

My body is changing again. It is filling in again but in my new body shape. More lean. Yippee. I love a good cold IPA. I started having one a night after a hot long hike as its hot and summer here. I’m not gaining from it as I’m on very low carb food intake and not needing to eat as much at a meal too. That’s one of my fave parts. I taught my body that it doesn’t need as much fuel when I do put it in. I’m stronger and leaner now. Of course, I exercise DAILY. Why not? This beautiful body of magnificent capabilities was designed to move ! Just look at the design of our muscle pulley system. Ingenious. Only a MASTER CREATOR could come up with that !!!!

MOVE !!! If you have any WATER near you, walk in it. Push it with your arms. I’ve created a new resistance strength training that builds strength immediately, makes one breathless (key part for results) and reduces pain in joints. My core is stronger and leaner too. Add this to my new dietary regime and I’m feeling good, at age 62. Youthing instead of Aging.

Ketosis graph


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