Rip Up Lawns – Grow Food

Hey there – our FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN is broken. So easy to fix – LOCALLY !!! At least a little bit, for those USUAL SUSPECTS that we buy all the time to make SALSA, SALADS, ROASTED VEGGIES, DRIED VEG CHIPS n whatever you can think of.

So sad when I heard that farmers are turning under their vegetable crop back into the soil, pouring out the milk from their herds, and slaughtering cows they don’t need now. They can’t get it to the people ! YIKES !!!

I’ve decided to SELF-FUND this concept; from my CRYPTOCURRENCY knowledge and opportunities that are growing daily. Already on my way !!! Also starting an Education group if anyone wants to start earning from home, safely and easily. The time is now, after many years of Crypto baby steps. Amazing timing that now we can TRUST a CRYPTO INVESTMENT when we most need it !!! I highly recommend looking into learning something NEW, ONLINE. Less jobs, unemployment checks are ‘late’, schools closed and a plethora of reasons to take our lives into our own hands.

Stay tuned, to the success of an IDEA, into FUNDS, and then on the road to help others. What idea do you have ? By the way, you can always ask your local nursery for a plant start or two, soil or even a ‘native tree’, for SHADE. I’m building a list of HOW to and WHAT on this website, and on my Facebook page;