MOTHERFOODS: Maternal Nutrition and Humanity’s Health, by Rachel Garcia Seliga and Carly Rae Beaudry

Holy Toledo Batman/woman – one of my foodie clients sent me this online class discussion. Please be open and get this information into you. We are waking up, to so much, including what and how we’ve been subjected to domination through F.O.O.D. (my acronym for Falsely Overdoing Our Diets).

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Evolution of Sense of Self

What a great name yes ? Charles Eisenstein – Thank You – for dancing to the beat of your own drum. Yes, and because he has we receive his GIFT that he came here to give to our Community of Humans on this Earth.

His information is on target and of course, he offered it up ‘before its time’ and now the World has stopped, so we can actually hear; the real truths and possibilities that have been staring us in the face for generations, actually.

We’ve been living under the thumb of distraction in so many ways, we missed it, until now.

The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the convergence of crises that is birthing the transition

The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective:

The evolution of the human sense of Self

The coming shift from a profit-taking economy to a gift economy, from an economy of “how can I take the most?” to “how can I best give of my gifts?” This future, in which the anxiety of “making a living” no longer drives us, will arise out of the transformation in the human sense of self that is gathering today. But it is not only a future. We can live it now too. 

Thank you Charles Eisentstein. You can listen to the complete audiobook on SOUNDCLOUD here.

Sacred Economics

Charles Eisentstein wrote about this in 2011. We’re only ready for it NOW, in 2020.

“A few years ago a book came my way, like books sometimes do. It was called The Ascent of Humanity, written by Charles Eisenstein. It turns out he too had a feeling growing up that things weren’t the way they were meant to. Only he’d been able to pinpoint where the wrongness stemmed from, and offer up an alternative to the ways passed down to us. The book changed my life.” – Mattias Olsson, filmmaker, Campfire Stories

Rip Up Lawns – Grow Food

Hey there – our FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN is broken. So easy to fix – LOCALLY !!! At least a little bit, for those USUAL SUSPECTS that we buy all the time to make SALSA, SALADS, ROASTED VEGGIES, DRIED VEG CHIPS n whatever you can think of.

So sad when I heard that farmers are turning under their vegetable crop back into the soil, pouring out the milk from their herds, and slaughtering cows they don’t need now. They can’t get it to the people ! YIKES !!!

I’ve decided to SELF-FUND this concept; from my CRYPTOCURRENCY knowledge and opportunities that are growing daily. Already on my way !!! Also starting an Education group if anyone wants to start earning from home, safely and easily. The time is now, after many years of Crypto baby steps. Amazing timing that now we can TRUST a CRYPTO INVESTMENT when we most need it !!! I highly recommend looking into learning something NEW, ONLINE. Less jobs, unemployment checks are ‘late’, schools closed and a plethora of reasons to take our lives into our own hands.

Stay tuned, to the success of an IDEA, into FUNDS, and then on the road to help others. What idea do you have ? By the way, you can always ask your local nursery for a plant start or two, soil or even a ‘native tree’, for SHADE. I’m building a list of HOW to and WHAT on this website, and on my Facebook page;


We are offering Vibrant Health Retreats in San Miguel de Allende.

They can include Fasting, Food Combining, Massage and Yoga Therapy, Watsu in hot springs pool, strength training, Soul Alignment and Art Reading.

Stay in beautiful accommodations and walk the historic streets of this beautiful and ancient city.

Stay tuned here for more information.

Learn simple tips in the kitchen to lose weight and gain time

Agriculture Industry Promoting Blockchain Technology

I am a farmer, for Health, and a farmer for Wealth. This article I found combines both mindsets and why it works.

For instance, Walmart implemented a new policy that now requires its suppliers of lettuce, spinach and other green farms to join food tracking blockchain network. Using a QR code simplifies and speeds up process. Less down time for veggies and farmers can maximize time and energy and maybe increase bottom line.

Another use for Farmers. Land Registration. For example, in the Asia-Pacific region smart contracts on a blockchain network can automate and simplify insurance payouts. This would help farmers more easily facilitate payouts for natural disasters.  In addition, these contracts would update continuously as reliable data entered on weather and soil yields. Blockchain technology would provide governments of an incorruptible ledger of land records which is especially useful in rural and poor areas. 

Government Distribution. The most prominent example of blockchain increasing transparency is with the United Nations Development Programme where they use the machinery for fertilizer subsidy disbursements to farmers. In India, it is estimated that $700 million is being paid in bribes across land registrars, and the industry as a whole is filled with corruption. However, the UN hopes this project can be scaled to an even larger scale where the technology is used to help farmers in developing nations reclaim their property after national disasters.

Overfishing. Environmentalists and sustainable agriculturalists see a future where this automation tracks illegal fishing practices across a region. Already New Zealand partnered with the World WildLife fund in starting a pilot project to eliminate human rights abuse and unlawful fishing in the Pacific Islands’ tuna industry.  The fish will be tracked from vessel to market, and similar to the IBM partnership with Barilla, customers have access to all the details of the product through a QR code.

Hesitations. Sarah Taber, a crop scientist from Fayateville, North Carolina is an auditor for vegetable and fruit growers and explains the problem, “In agriculture, there’s kind of a big fuzzy zone between bad record keeping and outright fraud.” There are some who believe the problem of food outbreaks is unsolvable without blockchain technology. The farm workers are the most capable of spotting outbreaks and reporting them. However, due to the immigration raids, most farmers are worry about the consequences. Taber, who was a farm worker before becoming a crop scientist, illustrates the dilemma well when she says, “They’re clearly telling us ‘we’re dysfunctional’ [but]what everybody’s hearing is ‘oh we need better tools. ’”

….taken from Omari Caldwell – a journalist that specializes in tech, culture, politics and sports. He stays in New Orleans, LA where he attends Loyola University, studying History and Political Science and Spanish.

New generation wallet with daily rewards

Why is CloudToken the best paying crypto wallet on the market?

CloudToken launched in April 2019 and it’s addressing all the paint points most of the competitors have:

  • Transparency
  • Technical support

Transparency – Trading proofs

As far as transparency is concerned, there are several things to mention. Investor’s are naturally wanting to know how the company is generating profits to pay the returns it has committed to.

Most of the competitors have failed to demonstrate that. CloudToken is very transparent and shows all buy, sell and HODL orders in the order history in the app.

B = buy

S = sell


You can verify all order IDs on the various exchanges. A skeptical mind would immediately ask: do those orders really belong to CloudToken? They could have used someone else’s IDs to fake trading.

Well, take some time to track those IDs and you will realize that they go back to one main trading wallet. And then compare that address with the address your funds are routing to. Bingo! Same wallet!

Get started

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Congratulations! You have now a digital bank in your pocket!

How to Transition out of Ketosis, Well.

GOING KETO AND THEN NOT.  After two months I was done.

I also released OLD OLD OLD stuff, like FAT, and all the OLD emotions that were stuck in there, from years ago. I’ve tried to do this with all kinds of cleanses, but nothing came close to these kinds of results.
Interestingly, my life changed and became more abundant, easy and graceful. I became more ME.  WOW. What is that saying? I have been the mad detoxifier, cleansing entity for decades. Trying all the ways so I could THRIVE in this toxic world. 

I never expected to ‘GO KETO’ but it showed up and since I’m on this Journey of following the messages of my very specific intentions, I jumped in. It sure dovetails with where humanity seems to be at too.  Waking up into deeper realms and releasing what has been in the ‘shadows’. Going ‘keto’ actually decalcifies the pineal gland too. There is much written online about WHY and how it stops our being able to listen to the ‘DIVINE’ within.
I have transitioned back to a ‘lower carb’ diet now. I had to take exogenous ketones while I re-introduced my body to something other than lots of FAT and little carbs. I learned so much about my food going in during my ‘going keto’ process by using food apps that count calories and ratios. I resisted these for years but now I can see how helpful it is to be this aware of what I put in my mouth daily.

Now I’m back on less calories daily and making my favorite food; fruits and veggies and salads and quinoa. I am no longer eating my favorite rye bread even. That was all I ate if I ate bread at all. Now I make my own coconut/almond flour tortillas. I have only found one recipe online worth following here.

I am losing weight now and the sagging skin is tightening up. Phew !!! I didn’t like how that looked at all. I lost so much fat, the skin sagged with nothing to plump it up with. That’s ok. I knew this part would pass too. It is totally worth it to be without the extra deep fat that I didn’t know was there until it was gone. 

My body is changing again. It is filling in again but in my new body shape. More lean. Yippee. I love a good cold IPA. I started having one a night after a hot long hike as its hot and summer here. I’m not gaining from it as I’m on very low carb food intake and not needing to eat as much at a meal too. That’s one of my fave parts. I taught my body that it doesn’t need as much fuel when I do put it in. I’m stronger and leaner now. Of course, I exercise DAILY. Why not? This beautiful body of magnificent capabilities was designed to move ! Just look at the design of our muscle pulley system. Ingenious. Only a MASTER CREATOR could come up with that !!!!
MOVE !!! If you have any WATER near you, walk in it. Push it with your arms. I’ve created a new resistance strength training that builds strength immediately, makes one breathless (key part for results) and reduces pain in joints. My core is stronger and leaner too. Add this to my new dietary regime and I’m feeling good, at age 62. Youthing instead of Aging.

Getting wealthy with robots and cryptocurrency

If you have been holding cryptocurrency in a wallet, you can now have a robot trade it over 32 insured exchanges, 24/7. Finally. Instead of HODL’ing, we retain our principal and get daily returns from the trading.

Ronald Aai, from Malaysia is the CTO and winner of the 2018 best new blockchain technology award.

You can see live how much your JARVIS AI bot is making or losing.

JARVIS trading strategy is not based on momentum or trend, ema or macd…

CloudToken has developed its own strategy called Varoom.

This trading strategy was developed in collaboration with various math Professors.


Basically, the strategy is not looking at past data but looking for signals to react.

JARVIS looks for 3 point data to determine the trend.


Our question to Ronald was if funds that have been added to the AI trading bot can still be controlled by the user.

Ronald was totally open with us. Apparently, you can’t control funds of the bot because the top exchanges that have trade volume are centralized. Plus, you need to pool the assets together to trade.

This might sound like a disadvantage at first glance, but that’s the only way to make sure the AI bot is trading.

Ronald Aai was very transparent and didn’t try to hide any details that might appear as a potential disadvantage to users.

That really make us think that CloudToken has a very solid technology base with a lot of transparency.

To learn more, go to our Thriving with Wealth page and send email to get free training videos.

Happy earnings!