How to Transition out of Ketosis, Well.

GOING KETO AND THEN NOT.  After two months I was done.

I also released OLD OLD OLD stuff, like FAT, and all the OLD emotions that were stuck in there, from years ago. I’ve tried to do this with all kinds of cleanses, but nothing came close to these kinds of results.
Interestingly, my life changed and became more abundant, easy and graceful. I became more ME.  WOW. What is that saying? I have been the mad detoxifier, cleansing entity for decades. Trying all the ways so I could THRIVE in this toxic world. 

I never expected to ‘GO KETO’ but it showed up and since I’m on this Journey of following the messages of my very specific intentions, I jumped in. It sure dovetails with where humanity seems to be at too.  Waking up into deeper realms and releasing what has been in the ‘shadows’. Going ‘keto’ actually decalcifies the pineal gland too. There is much written online about WHY and how it stops our being able to listen to the ‘DIVINE’ within.
I have transitioned back to a ‘lower carb’ diet now. I had to take exogenous ketones while I re-introduced my body to something other than lots of FAT and little carbs. I learned so much about my food going in during my ‘going keto’ process by using food apps that count calories and ratios. I resisted these for years but now I can see how helpful it is to be this aware of what I put in my mouth daily.

Now I’m back on less calories daily and making my favorite food; fruits and veggies and salads and quinoa. I am no longer eating my favorite rye bread even. That was all I ate if I ate bread at all. Now I make my own coconut/almond flour tortillas. I have only found one recipe online worth following here.

I am losing weight now and the sagging skin is tightening up. Phew !!! I didn’t like how that looked at all. I lost so much fat, the skin sagged with nothing to plump it up with. That’s ok. I knew this part would pass too. It is totally worth it to be without the extra deep fat that I didn’t know was there until it was gone. 

My body is changing again. It is filling in again but in my new body shape. More lean. Yippee. I love a good cold IPA. I started having one a night after a hot long hike as its hot and summer here. I’m not gaining from it as I’m on very low carb food intake and not needing to eat as much at a meal too. That’s one of my fave parts. I taught my body that it doesn’t need as much fuel when I do put it in. I’m stronger and leaner now. Of course, I exercise DAILY. Why not? This beautiful body of magnificent capabilities was designed to move ! Just look at the design of our muscle pulley system. Ingenious. Only a MASTER CREATOR could come up with that !!!!
MOVE !!! If you have any WATER near you, walk in it. Push it with your arms. I’ve created a new resistance strength training that builds strength immediately, makes one breathless (key part for results) and reduces pain in joints. My core is stronger and leaner too. Add this to my new dietary regime and I’m feeling good, at age 62. Youthing instead of Aging.