New generation wallet with daily rewards

Why is CloudToken the best paying crypto wallet on the market?

CloudToken launched in April 2019 and it’s addressing all the paint points most of the competitors have:

  • Transparency
  • Technical support

Transparency – Trading proofs

As far as transparency is concerned, there are several things to mention. Investor’s are naturally wanting to know how the company is generating profits to pay the returns it has committed to.

Most of the competitors have failed to demonstrate that. CloudToken is very transparent and shows all buy, sell and HODL orders in the order history in the app.

B = buy

S = sell


You can verify all order IDs on the various exchanges. A skeptical mind would immediately ask: do those orders really belong to CloudToken? They could have used someone else’s IDs to fake trading.

Well, take some time to track those IDs and you will realize that they go back to one main trading wallet. And then compare that address with the address your funds are routing to. Bingo! Same wallet!

Get started

1.Install the Cloud Token app on your smartphone.



2. Go through the registration process using code 5212285757
and save your passwords and mnemonic words.

3. Send cryptocurrency to your Cloud Token wallet.

4. Active your AI trading bot.

You will now receive daily CTO rewards that you can convert to Ethereum and send to your external wallet at any time.

Congratulations! You have now a digital bank in your pocket!